A genious subfeeder from Brattland that uses the energy and airflow from the feedpump to pump water mixed with feed. 12 exits for the feed ensures a good spread, and its design makes it almost impossible to clog.

Only 40cm lift for the feed in to the cyclone makes airflow requirements to a minimum.

The feed hopper is under water, makes that feed with fat release does not cause problems.

Cyclone produced in stainless steel is integrated in the plastic construction, making feedig practically silent.

Making the fish go deeper, and so reducing the lice infestation.

Good results with both young and adult fish.

Bird nets no longer required.

Blow pressure when feeding can be reduced up to 50%, thus saving hoses and energy consumption.

No more wind drift on the feed.

Avoids that the feed goes astray in the upper water layers due to strong current.

When using skirts, you can feed under the skirt edge and thus do not use up oxygen in the upper water layer for eating activity.

Better water quality in the top layer since the feed is deployed deeper, fat and dust from the feed will drift away in the current.

Seagulls are absent, since they can't get to the pellets. Stress level of the fish decreases.

Controlled feeding in bad weather.

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