Solar Cell Automat

Achieve 100% growth and low feed factor in the important smolt phase, without time-consuming hand feeding.

With this placed in the cage, you can finally get help with hand feeding.

  • It is possible to feed a few grams of feed with a good spread every minute around the clock if desired
  • Optimize growth in the important smolt phase
  • Reduces the transfer while maintaining maximum growth
  • Provides stable feeding every day even if the crew is busy with other tasks
  • Mounted very easily on the handrail, and feeding is started after 5 minutes - No power connection required!
  • Can be used in locations where electricity or raft are not available during the smolt feeding phase
  • Reduces diesel consumption and CO₂ footprint per kg of salmon produced
  • Climate-neutral feeding using solar energy
  • Setup with 4 or 6 machines per cage, covers almost the entire cage along the edges - hand feeding is then not necessary

Space for about 100kg feed.

Lithium battery of 125Ah, can operate up to 3 weeks with pure battery operation without charging.

Can be stacked in height for easier storage and transport.

Dimensions: about 80x80x80

Weight about 50kg without battery