Brilliant and enviromental straps for quick fastening.

  • For attaching jumping net to handrail
  • Fracture strength measured at 1.7-2 tonnes
  • Brilliant and easy to use
  • Attaches with Velcro
  • The jump net is easily tightened all the way up to the handrail
  • Labor saving
  • The straps can be used year after year
  • No loose ropes in the sea. These are used again.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dimensions: 126 cm in length
  • 150pcs per package


Security strap yellow (New)

  • Dimensions: 86 cm long.
  • Comes in yellow, good visibility. This is intended to secure the hooks.
  • 200pcs per package


«We are using these straps on several facilities, primary fastening the jumping net. Furthermore, we also fasten short s-hooks with yellow environmental straps. They are clearly visible and make the check rounds easier. The straps are solid and do not end up at sea. Recommended!

Rasmus Husby Larsen, DL Emilsen Fisk»


«We have used velcro straps from Akvapartner for almost 5 years, and are very satisfied with the product. The straps are strong and easy to use. They are now in use on the 2nd generation fish. Highly recommended »

Jon Storvik, Operations Manager Ursfjorden, Mowi ASA


"We went to purchase these 2.5 years ago. Surprised at how strong these are. After use, we hang these on a handrail and they are ready for the next time we use them. Also uses these for cable straps and fastening of jumping nets. Ingenious! "

Øystein Flatmo, Operations Manager Velfjorden, Mowi ASA