Licecountingtable straight version

Lice counting table with anesthetic tank in circular design and wake-up part without corners, so that the fish do not get stuck. Tub in white plastic for easy observation of lice. No lacquered or painted surfaces. Shown here as the straight version.

Water flow in the wake-up part comes out under the flexis hose through small holes, so that the salmon will swim against the current and out of the flexi hose by itself when it has established equilibrium.

Supplied with three acid-proof drain taps with filter for quick emptying and collection of lice.

Telescopic feet for easy adjustment of the height of the tub. Holes per 5 cm.

A shutter on the wake-up part is now supplied as standard.


Options that can be made on the lice counting tray:

  • Flexi hose Ø254 (4m is standard)
  • Scale for weighing fish (Waterproof, 15kg)
  • Fish crib in PE for placement on weight
  • Measuring board in PE for placement on scales
  • Light pole with 2 LED lights
  • Stainless wheels (without telescopic feet)
  • Shelf for storage
  • Filter cloth to catch lice in anesthetic tub

We are happy to make lice counting tables to the customer's own specifications: Custom lice counting containers