As Norway's only supplier, we can now offer hamster wheels with a newly developed and patented spreader integrated into the hamster wheel.

Mounting / dismounting of the feeding hose can easily be done from the outside of the hamster wheel. The feeding hose does not need to be dismounted using a return groove or ball row, as there is nothing connected to the spreader sticking into the sea.

The spreader is made of acid-resistant steel that is electropolished and has no moving parts. This results in a highly reliable system that does not require maintenance and is virtually indestructible.

Reassembly of the spreader construction on an existing hamster wheels is also possible, as we sell hamster wheel mounting kits

Hamster wheels are available in sizes from 30 to 72m circumference with 3.5m height

Request offers for complete hamster wheels with integrated spreader, or mounting kit for hamster wheels with spreader.