We supply floating docks of all sizes, from Ø315mm to Ø630 pipes. We supply three main types of brews: complete docks with undercarriage, docks with welded end caps and fastening ears, or just pipes with welded end caps and fastening ears.

We deliver floating docks in sizes ranging from 315 mm to 630 mm pipes.

We offer 3 different types of floating docks:

  • Docks that are comprised of pipes that have welded end-lids and dowels.
  • Docks that have welded end-lids and dowels that are welded together between the pipes. This results in a very strong dock where the plastic construction absorbs the twists and turns resulting from mooring boats. Allows for easy mounting of any wooden structures.
  • Docks that are welded together from outdated fish cages. Results in very robust and cost-effective docks

We offer very competetive prices for docks with delivery by boat.