Brattland Multifeeder - feeding on the surface and under water

An ingenious further development of the Brattland Subfeeder. Designed so that it is almost impossible to clog. And you now have the option of combining surface feeding and underwater feeding: Dynamic feeding!

We are now launching the 2023 model, with an improved bottom part. A total of 32 feed outlets in the bottom frame + center dose in Ø500 pipe.


Why feed the salmon deeper? When the lice larva is ready to attach, it swims towards the surface regardless of light conditions

Underwater feeding from 3m to 15.5m depth

  • Gets the fish deeper and reduces the lice infestation.
  • Utilizes the surplus energy from the airblow from the central feeding system, to pump water and feed down to the fish: No electrical connection required
  • Collecting funnel for the feed under water means that feed with fat release / dust does not create problems.
  • The upper part is noise-reduced and ensures almost silent feeding
  • Blowing pressure during feeding can be reduced by up to 50%, thus saving both hoses and energy consumption.
  • No wind drift of the feed.
  • Avoids that the feed goes astray in the upper water layers due to strong current.
  • When using a liceskirt, you can feed under the skirts edge and thus do not exhauste oxygen in the upper water layer for eating activity.
  • Better water quality in the upper water layer when the feed comes out where there is water exchange, and any grease and dust is taken with the current.
  • Feed outlets in a 4x4m bottom frame - provides extremely good feed control with center dose in the middle
  • Can be transferred directly to water feeding without conversion.
  • Controlled feeding in bad weather.
  • Only 40cm lifting height on the feedhose into the cyclone requires minimal blowing pressure.
  • Good results on both smolt feeding and large fish with subfeeder.
  • Does not need bird nets on large fish.
  • Seagulls are absent and the stress level of the fish decreases, as it is not possible to get the pellet.

Surface feeding with Quattro spreader

  • No moving parts
  • Made of acid-resistant electropolished steel - perpetual
  • Generates 0% shatter
  • 200m2 catchment area without holes in the middle

Surface feeding with Cyclone feeding

  • Feeding below the surface
  • Bird net not required for fish over 1kg

Surface feeding with Rotor spreader - under development

  • With high performance bearings
Download productsheet (Norwegian)