Akvapartner cage bracket

Solid and flexible cage brackets for plastic cages. The included adapter means that it also fits steel posts. Fits most cages.

Manufactured in 15mm PE plastic. Area to fix cables, which also functions as a grab handle. Grab handles on the sides for better control when mounting on cages.

Flexible attachment: you can use rope, velcro straps or round iron hoops. We recommend the use of velcro straps, which provide a tool-free installation that reduces the risk of escape. Round iron hoops on posts at exposed locations.

Models (2 series)

  • Flat (with small side walls, no roof)
  • Roof (with side walls and roof)

Technical (5 sizes and max cabinet cm):

  1. Small - max cabinet 33x56
  2. Medium - max cabinet 45x90
  3. Large - max cabinet 55x103
  4. Xtra Large - max cabinet 65x118
  5. Xtra Xtra Large - max cabinet 90x105

Suitable for handrail up to Ø160, pole Ø180. The included adapter means that it can also be used against steel posts (80x60mm).


Options that can be made:

  • Pre-drilling of holes in the back plate for cupboards, according to the customer's specifications
  • Antenna mount - foldable (25mm PE bolt - 33cm length)
  • Extended roof
  • Velcro straps for attachment to cage (25mm to handrail, 50mm to post)