Fish farming equipment from Norway

Akvapartner AS

When the details matter

Fish farming equipment from Norway

Akvapartner AS is a supplier of specialized equipment for the fish farming industry. Our equipment is developed in close relationship with the fish farmers and fulfills stringent requirements relating to reliability and dependable operation 365 days a year.

This close relationship with the fish farming industry often result in us developing solutions that tackles several key challenges in one product. A fish farmer’s day is hectic and challenging, which makes it all the more important that you can trust your equipment and be assured of its operability. We deliver equipment you can trust, so that you can focus on your work.

We have a wide selection of different food diffusers and bird net holders with integrated mounts for feed hoses and diffusers that fits fish cages from 90 m to 160 m in diameter. We also supply diffusers for hatcheries. All our diffusers have an excellent spread, are maintenance free and virtually everlasting.

Why choose us


Varied selection

We have a broad and varied selection of diffusers and other excellent products. With Akvapartner AS you will get specialized equipment tailored to your needs. See all of our products here.


Unique products

We are Norway’s only supplier of maintenance-free diffusers which secure an unique reliability for fish farmers. We have a wide selection of layouts for diffusers that suits all fish farmers.


Security and maintenance

Akvapartner AS deliver products that are virtually maintenance-free. Our products are custom made according to the fish farmers’ needs, and our goal is that all our products shall function 365 days a year.


We have used feed-floats since 2007 with good results. We have also tested a diffuser float since January 2011. We are very pleased with the feed diffusers from Akvapartner. Most important for us is that the diffuser is reliable, safe and that it spreads the feed evenly. It has no moving parts and does not need maintenance  except for normal cleaning. After one year of testing the diffuser float, we have concluded and ordered several more.

Marius Olsen, operating manager Bjørøya Fiskeoppdrett AS