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For a safer and more efficient fish farming

Akvapartner AS is a Norwegian supplier of quality products to the aquaculture industry. We supply equipment to make everyday life for breeders safer, easier and more efficient, while protecting fish and the environment.

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Brattland Multifeeder

brattland multifeeder

A genious and reliable underwater feeder, which also can spread feed on the surface

Success with Multifeeder - Norwegian artikle

The success with multifeeder

Norwegian article


Quick straps

quick straps

Enviromental and easy fastening with velcro.

Solar cell automat

solar cell handfeeding automat

Achieve 100% growth and low feed factor in the important smolt phase, without time-consuming hand feeding

Brattland smoltforspreder


Akvapartner supplies a quality range of feed spreaders for efficient and even feeding of fish in cages. We also offer other feeding equipment.

Brattland Notliner


In fish farming, the safety of both the fish, the environment and the employees must be ensured. We supply modern HSE equipment that makes work processes safer and more efficient.


Cleaner fish equipment

Our lumpfish houses and moving cartridges ensure efficient and gentle fishing of lumpfish.

Apparat for lusetelling

Lice counting

We supply lice count vessels for easy observation, collection and emptying of fish lice.

Ny flytebrygge ligger i fjæra

Floating dock

We supply floating docks of all sizes, from Ø315mm to Ø630 pipes.

Oransje jolle 19kg


We also supply other products like bird net holders, boats, camera tubes and quick straps.

We supply equipment you can rely on

What makes our products unique is that they are designed and manufactured in very close dialogue with the aquaculture industry. The CEO himself has 24 years of experience - 22 of them as farming operations manager - and therefore understands the importance of having equipment that you can rely on.

Akvapartner AS's goal is that the equipment we supply should have operating costs almost equal to zero. Acid-resistant steel is used in all diffusers to prevent the structure from being worn by transport. We focus on making the equipment simple to operate - that is why we develop products that aim to use the least possible electronics and moving parts. This leads to lower operating costs and higher reliability. We supply equipment that is reliable and requires little maintenance.